PALLADA is a Network Cooperative of Consumers who are using their purchasing power as a productive force. Thus, PALLADA is an organization as well as an enterprise, and it is operated and controlled by its members. 100% of PALLADA'S profits are shared among its members.

You can join PALLADA at no cost, and as a member you can turn your regular consumption into entrepreneurial activity. For example, when buying something through the Internet, you can check whether PALLADA has affiliation with the company you are buying from. If PALLADA does, you make the purchase by visiting the site of the company through PALLADA’s link. By doing so, you will receive a portion of the profits that PALLADA receives from the affiliated companies.

All the money paid to PALLADA for direct or indirect advertising or promotion are also shared among its members.

For the first time ever all of the money received for advertising is shared among the people to whom the advertising is addressed.

PALLADA is created by consumers for consumers, so its commercial interests can not interfere with the freedom of consumption. What to buy, when to buy or even where to buy is entirely within consumer’s discretion. The whole idea of Pallada is to help consumers gain what they could not gain before without changing their consumption habits.

In addition to earning money with PALLADA as a consumer, you can share the news about PALLADA with other people and create a potentially unlimited source of income. PALLADA is a NETWORK Cooperative, which means a person can participate in PALLADA only as a member of the group of the person who referred him. When you refer people to PALLADA, their purchases are registered in the computer and you receive special monthly bonuses based on these purchases, and on the purchases of the people they refer, and on the purchases of the people that those people refer, etc. If you have a few thousand active participants in your organization, you will have quite a substantial income. This does not mean that you have to refer all of the people by yourself. You may refer just a handful of energetic people who refer other people, who also refer people, and before you know it, this originally small group will grow into a huge organization.

Once again, membership in PALLADA is free. No investment or initial purchase required, no starter kits, no fees, no gimmicks, no tricks, no obligation of any kind. PALLADA is not asking you for anything, it’s a pure offer.

The only activity in PALLADA which leads to success is to share Pallada with the people you care about.